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Free download Gunship Heli Strike War Game APK for Android

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Description of Gunship Heli Strike War Game Gunship Heli Strike War Game is most realistic Helicopter strike game where enemy army troops have invaded your territory and have established their military base within your borderline at frontier and planning for further troop’s movement in a slow and steady strategy to occupy as much area as possible prior having clash with your military special forces and also any direct confrontation / encounter with your country elite commandos but your top secret agency got the news about their occupation with in your borderline so this gunship strike mission has been assigned to you as being special air force air fighter gunship helicopter pilot of strike force to crush the army cops and destroy their tiny empire within your country. Its like a deadly mission against ruthless terrorists. It’s do or die situation for each of your countrymen as Its most wanted mission since your enemy has summoned you for war by invading your front line border and rival forces planning to pile up powerful modern war weapons and most sophisticated warships, military tanks, anti-aircraft gunners, SWAT cop, armored vehicles, military jeeps, sniper guns, drones, bomb, missiles and many more other modern military warfare arsenal & war machines in their barracks and yard.In this Gunship Heli Strike War Game, It’s a tragic scene for your country and like a misadventure so you being an air force army gunship fighter belonging to fleet of warships, having expertise to fight in epic battles, deadliest war missions, and navy battles have been assigned this special mission by your top Army Admiral in order to shoot to kill the enemy troops with your modern gunship helicopter equipped with stealth technology against the power of heavy military tanks across deadly battlefield to root out these monster enemies. Being a brave Gunship striker you are also facing adverse environmental conditions in this operation and have limited fuel, back up support and emerged as last gunship gunner left so don’t walk away so seek the enemy in desert, dense jungle and hunt them in time before they hide themselves in this combat riddle and to eliminate trigger of world war with your neighbor militia.Gunship Heli Clash is war game 3D have set of eight combat missions that will lead you to this most deadliest battlefield mission of pro 2016 where you will encounter launch of air to surface missiles in shooting exchange as enemy troops tank force attempt to track and destroy your Gunship Helicopter in this duty call assault operation so don’t show any mercy to your enemies in this shooting game, so assassin or kill them in this marvel contest and earn the pride of your nation, if you are brave commando.In this Gunship Heli Strike War Game, you must take your seat firm and be careful and keep away from these shooting monsters during air combat while attacking at these enemy army troops in milling them to death, be steady in shooting and use your top flight simulation expertise to destroy the enemy & regain control of your territory in pursuit of this mission in order to reign the control of your territory which enemy’s thought as no mans land.Its best Helicopter battle action game so download now for free and blast the enemy military bases with your top missile burst-fire to regain your territory.---: Game Features:---** Incredible 3D environments.** Best stealth helicopter navigational and assault controls.** Gunship Helicopter equipped with gunner, guided missiles, short range rockets and rapid firing shot guns.** Eight challenging air combat missions in battlefield. ** Upgrades your helicopter with best army helicopter gunships including f16 as you proceed. ** Best helicopter battle game.** Top class military missions combat game.

Version history Gunship Heli Strike War Game New in rummy loot apkGunship Heli Strike War Game 1.1 *** Minor bugs removed.*** Enhanced controls. Please rate this app

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